Zettlekasten Principles

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What You Need to Build a Functioning Zettlekasten

In order to build a functioning Zettlekasten, one that is capable of deepening your understanding about your Areas of Interest, people suggest that your Evergreen Notes should adhere to a set of principles.


These are:


  1. A Zettle note should be Atomic
  2. A Zettle  should be Concept Oriented 
  3. A Zettle should be Densely Linked
  4. A Zettle should be organised using Associative Ontologies

Andy Matushak  has coined the term Evergreen Notes to distinguish between what he calls fleeting notes and lasting notes.


I use the term Cornerstone Note in much the same way.


In addition, I believe a Zettle  should also have the potential to be of Lasting Value.

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