Lasting Value

💡: Lasting Value 🔗 Links Personal Knowledge Management: Cultivated Management 4 Levels of Personal Knowledge Management: Forte Labs Personal Knowledge Management: Wikipedia  Collectors Fallacy: 🧑🏻 People Tiago Forte   Failing at Personal Knowledge Management In previous attempts at creating and maintaining Personal Knowledge Management Systems (PKMSs), I have thrown … Read more

Information Flow

💡 Information Flow 🔗 Links Information Work Should Accrete 🧑🏻 People Andy Matushak   Definition Information Flow is the identification, capture and processing of an Item of Knowledge which has potential Lasting Value.   Information Flow Purpose The Purpose of Information Flow is to ensure that there is a system … Read more

Information Flow Purpose

💡: Information Flow 🔗 Links 🧑🏻 People     Definition I have designed a methodology called Information Flow that helps manage what appears in my Zettlekasten.   Information Flow Purpose to deliver a means of sparking abundant creativity for my work as a poet and writer to ensure that there … Read more

Information Flow Methodology

💡: Information Flow 🔗 Links Collectors Fallacy Obsidian Instapaper Pocket  DEVONThink Keep It 🧑🏻 People   A Process This process describes how an Item of Knowledge that has potential Lasting Value is identified, captured and processed in accordance with the criteria described in Information Flow Purpose.   Context All … Read more

Definition of a Building Block Note

💡: Building Block Note 🔗 Links The Collectors Fallacy: 🧠 Associations: Particle Note Concrete Note Cornerstone Note Lasting Value 👥  People Building Block Note I use the word Building Block Note to describe a unique note that I have placed into my Zettlekasten.   To get into the Zettlekasten, … Read more