Information Flow

Note-Making Nomenclature Definition Information Flow is the identification, capture and processing of an Item of Knowledge which has potential Lasting Value.   Information Flow Purpose The Purpose of Information Flow is to ensure that there is a system in place for recording insights, ideas, thoughts or feelings associated with an … Read more

Information Flow Methodology

Note-Making Nomenclature Context All information reaches my consciousness in one of these ways: reading books, articles, news reports etc visiting websites receiving emails listening to podcasts, radio, music watching TV, opera, movies etc other apps e.g. DailyArt A Process This process describes how an Item of Knowledge that has potential … Read more


My Note-Making Nomenclature Definition Any Zettelkasten is based on the work of Niklas Luhmann, a sociologist. He was a prolific writer, and attributed much of his abundant creativity to his use of a slip box (see Niklas Luhmann’s Card Index: Thinking Tool, Communication Partner, Publication Machine. His slip box (a … Read more