A Zettelkasten or Note-Making System?

There are many adherents to the Zettelkasten methodology. I use some of the principles of a formal Zettelkasten but not all. For example, I don’t use a date prefix or suffix for my notes. I think I will use the nomenclature of Note-Making System from now on to avoid any confusion.

Thoughts in Progress

Definition Your thoughts evolve. If they don’t you have adopted fixed positions. You may no longer be open-minded, susceptible, exploratory. My values include a life-long commitment to personal development. My search for the Well-Lived Life  means I will have to go on looking. Thoughts in Progress (TIP) are thoughts on … Read more

What is a Digital Garden?

A Digital Garden is a place where you curate and share your ideas. The point of a Digital Garden is that ideas are emergent; they are Thoughts in Progress (TIP) rather than your completed ones. This notion of Thoughts in Progress (TIP) is one of the ways a Digital Garden … Read more

How to Organise Your Notes in Obsidian

Over the years, I’ve used many note-taking apps. 1.Bear: I really like Bear . For a long time, this was my note app of choice. You can chuck lots of different things at it, including web clips. Bear also stores your notes as Markdown, so there’s no fear of losing them. … Read more

Concept Oriented

What Should Notes Be About? Note every note you take should end up in your Zettelkasten or your Note-Making System. Lists of errands to run, jobs to do are best organised elsewhere. I separate the storage of documents (PDFs, web articles and so on) from where I store my notes. This is … Read more

Evergreen Notes

My Note-Making Nomenclature What Are Evergreen Notes? The term ‘Evergreen Notes‘ is used by Andy Matushak to describe notes which are more than fleeting. Evergreen Notes adhere to the Zettelkasten Principles which makes recording useful notes  easier to do consistently. I have developed my own terminology. Instead of Evergreen Notes, I … Read more

Zettelkasten Principles

A Note-Making System In order to build a functioning Note-Making System, one that is capable of deepening your understanding about your Areas of Interest, you should adhere to a set of principles. These principles make it easier for you to connect your thinking as it develops, creating linked ideas and … Read more

Lasting Value

Failing at Personal Knowledge Management In previous attempts at creating and maintaining Personal Knowledge Management Systems (PKMSs), I have thrown lots of material into my storage facility DEVONthink. I was of course thereby demonstrating that I had fallen prey to the Collectors Fallacy. Items which were stored in DEVONthink may … Read more

Information Flow Purpose

Note-Making Nomenclature Definition I designed a methodology called Information Flow that helps me manage what appears in my Note-Making System (NMS). Information Flow Purpose to deliver a means of sparking abundant creativity for my work as a poet and writer to ensure that there is a system in place for … Read more

Evergreen Notes

What Are Evergreen Notes? The term ‘Evergreen Notes’ is used by Andy Matushak to describe notes which are more than fleeting.   Evergreen notes adhere to the Zettelkasten Principles which makes it easier to do consistently. I have developed my own terminology. Instead of Evergreen Notes, I use the term Cornerstone … Read more