Zettelkasten Principles

A Note-Making System In order to build a functioning Note-Making System, one that is capable of deepening your understanding about your Areas of Interest, you should adhere to a set of principles. These principles make it easier for you to connect your thinking as it develops, creating linked ideas and … Read more

Lasting Value

Failing at Personal Knowledge Management In previous attempts at creating and maintaining Personal Knowledge Management Systems (PKMSs), I have thrown lots of material into my storage facility DEVONthink. I was of course thereby demonstrating that I had fallen prey to the Collectors Fallacy. Items which were stored in DEVONthink may … Read more

Information Flow

Note-Making Nomenclature Definition Information Flow is the identification, capture and processing of an Item of Knowledge which has potential Lasting Value.   Information Flow Purpose The Purpose of Information Flow is to ensure that there is a system in place for recording insights, ideas, thoughts or feelings associated with an … Read more

Information Flow Purpose

Note-Making Nomenclature Definition I designed a methodology called Information Flow that helps me manage what appears in my Note-Making System (NMS). Information Flow Purpose to deliver a means of sparking abundant creativity for my work as a poet and writer to ensure that there is a system in place for … Read more

Information Flow Methodology

Note-Making Nomenclature Context All information reaches my consciousness in one of these ways: reading books, articles, news reports etc visiting websites receiving emails listening to podcasts, radio, music watching TV, opera, movies etc other apps e.g. DailyArt A Process This process describes how an Item of Knowledge that has potential … Read more

Evergreen Notes

What Are Evergreen Notes? The term ‘Evergreen Notes’ is used by Andy Matushak to describe notes which are more than fleeting.   Evergreen notes adhere to the Zettelkasten Principles which makes it easier to do consistently. I have developed my own terminology. Instead of Evergreen Notes, I use the term Cornerstone … Read more


Note-Making Nomenclature Notes Should Be Atomic The nature of a Note-Taking System is that it is an interconnected network of your ideas, concepts, thoughts or feelings.   Feelings are not normally mentioned, but because I want to test how a Note-Making System can help with Creativity Activation, I am also including … Read more

Cornerstone Notes

Note-Making Nomenclature Cornerstone notes are the term I use to describe Andy Matushak’s Evergreen Notes Andy suggests evergreen notes are written to: evolve contribute accumulate, over time across projects. Principles A simple note adheres to the same principles defined for any note that finds its way into my Note-Making System: … Read more