Zettles Should Be Atomic

The nature of a Zettlekasten is that it is an interconnected network of your ideas, concepts, thoughts or feelings.


Feelings are not normally mentioned, but because I want to test how a Zettlekasten can help with Creativity Activation, I am also including feelings in the sorts of items that I collect.


I think it is quite likely that a piece of poetry or prose will engender a similar feeling when I see a great piece of art or when I hear or see something that evokes the same feeling.


We will see.


In order for the Zettlekasten to work well, each note is an island, a single thought, concept, idea, thought or feeling.


However the Zettlekasten builds bridges between these islands and connects these items together over time.


In time, if enough of these coalesce, you’ll have a landmass, full of inter-connected goodliness.


If that metaphor doesn’t work for you, try this instead.


Each simple Zettle is a building block. If you put enough of these together, you’ll have a bank, a library or supermarket.


The Basics

  • a Zettle should be about one thing — but your aim over time is to capture as much as possible, the entirety of that thing
  • so a simple Zettle has just one idea, but overtime you will add further connections to it
  • these connections will in due course allow you to distill, or squeeze, the goodness out all of that information to form a Cornerstone Note.
  • that way it’s easier to form connections across topics and concepts.
  • they should be Zettlekasten – (Densely Linked) to make this easier to happen.

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